Press Release: Opynio Media and Technology launched Ridver – a ride-hailing app

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18 March 2019

Next Destination Move

Press Release: Opynio Media and Technology launched Ridver – a ride-hailing app

Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Opynio Media and Technology (Pty) Ltd, a black female majority shareholding South Africa company launched a ride-hailing app branded Ridver on the 15th of March, 2019.

The ride-hailing platform enters the Johannesburg market with a unique business model and believes it will significantly enhance ride-hailing access not just in Gauteng but entire South Africa. The company hopes to increase it footprints into other Africa countries, Europe, South America, Asia regions and some part of Arab nations.

The platform offers relatively affordable four (4) services:

  • Ridver, sedan only, driven by male or female drivers.
  • Ridver Women, this category meets the demand for women drivers by women riders (clients) especially when they are travelling alone or at night. Women riders will specifically choose women drivers when ordering a trip.
  • Ridver Hatchback, hatchback cars only, driven by male or female drivers.
  • Ridver Bakkie, 2-3ton bakkie owners will upload their vehicle details and expect request via Ridver. This category is for clients that want to move home and/or office furniture, farmers that want to transport farm fresh produce to marketplace, shop/spaza owners needing transportation for inventories or students that are moving from home to ‘res’.

The mantra of the platform is – Next Destination Move. The founders believe that people are always moving from one destination to another in their lives, either personally or professionally and wants to be the platform that moves them to their next desired destination(s), accomplish their aims and get ready for the next move. Ridver subscribes to the saying that “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Since launched, only cash payment is acceptable, driver-partners will remit 12% of their daily (or agreed threshold) income as commission to designated Ridver bank account details. This means more power to driver-partners and riders will enjoy very affordable fare compare to other existing ride-hailing platforms. Ridver wants to move people around their cities and townships more efficiently at the lowest fare possible.

Currently, the platform is much active and gaining traction in Midrand and environs especially among the students of Pearson Institute, soon to be available in Sandton, Rosebank, Braamfontein, Joburg CBD, Soweto, Pretoria etc. Being a new entrant with fewer active users and drivers, the platform ensures shorter waiting time by restricting trip ordering to 3-5km radius per town or city.

Ridver invites private vehicle owners of sedan, four-door hatchback and 2-3ton bakkie and public transport drivers to partner with the platform. The platform accepts from 2009 vehicle model or newer. The rider’s and driver’s apps are available on Android, iOS users can also install rider’s app.

To install rider’s app on Google play, click:, for driver’s app, click: To install iOS rider’s app, click:

Partner-Driver Requirements:

  • Copy of ID or valid passport and permit
  • Valid driver’s license (traffic register where applicable)
  • Valid professional driving permit – PrDP ( All Gauteng residents should apply online for a professional driving permit:
  • Vehicle registration
  • Clean criminal record
  • Proof of insurance

Interested driver-partners must submit required documents here:

Contact: or +27 67 103 3299

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